Parent/Student Announcement

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To: Parents, Students, Teachers, Administrators, and Newsletter Coordinator

From: Your School

Re: The Homework Site's On-Line Homework Program

Our school has invested in The Homework Site program, which will allow our teachers to post their homework assignments and pertinent school news on the Internet. Since the service is web-based, all that is needed to access the program 24 hours a day at home, school, library, or work is a computer with Internet access. Through the use of this unique service, our goal is to enhance communications between home and school and stretch traditional classroom boundaries.

Here are just some of the ways our school community will benefit from the program:

Parents can...
  • Check their children's homework from home or work 24 hours a day.
  • Stay on top of upcoming major tests/school projects.
  • E-mail teachers and administrators.
Students can...
  • Retrieve homework assignments on-line when absent.
  • Plan ahead for major tests and school projects.
  • Review school messages from their teachers and administrators via bulletin boards
Teachers can...
  • Post assignments and pertinent school news
  • Archive assignments for an entire school year
  • Provide links to educational Internet resources and attach class handouts to assignments/bulletin boards
Be sure to visit our school website at " to take advantage of this new school service! Just click "The Homework Site" button to access the program and create a user profile under Students/Parents (one-time) to begin enjoying the service. On-line help instructions are available, if needed. Also, bookmark instructions (under FAQ) to add the site to your list of favorites are available.

Also, you are not limited to one user account per family. For example, all parents and students can have their own accounts with The Homework Site.

We welcome your feedback concerning the usefulness of this service! E-mail: with any suggestions or questions.


Your Principal