The Homework Site's Referral Reward Program

Here's how it works:

(1) Provide colleague names (titles, school names, and phone #s) for those schools you feel would be interested in The Homework Site program!

(2) It's helpful when you call your colleagues personally! Mention that you have reviewed the program and that they might want to evaluate it for their schools. They will, of course, be under no obligation nor pressure to buy just for taking a look at the program.

(3) We'll call your colleagues to see if indeed our program can benefit their school communities! When they decide to move forward with the program, we'll offer them a free specialty calendar (as much as a $395 value) because of your referral.

(4) We notify you concerning the outcome of the call.

What's in it for our school? For every order we receive as a result of your unique referral, you'll receive a $50 American Express gift certificate to spend as you wish or a free one-year subscription for one of our specialty calendars (as much as a $395 value!)

Bonus: For every 5 schools that you send our way within a period of two years, you'll enjoy not only the gift certificates or free specialty calendars but also a free year of service!

Call us at 877-495-7483 or send an e-mail: