Teacher Announcement

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To: Teachers

From: Administrator

Re: The Homework Site's On-Line Homework Program

Our school has invested in The Homework Site program, which will allow you to post your homework assignments and pertinent school news on the Internet 24 hours a day. Since the service is web-based, all that you will need to access the program at home or school is a computer with Internet access. Through the use of this unique service, our goal is to enhance communications between home and school and stretch traditional classroom boundaries.

On-line help instructions are provided. For additional support and to provide feedback on the program, e-mail: support@thehomeworksite.com.

Please fill out the form below. This information will be used to add your teacher account to The Homework Site program. We will communicate to you your User ID and password (your password will be case-sensitive) shortly. Please keep your teacher account information in a safe place. Once you have been added to the program, you can begin posting homework assignments and general school news, immediately after you take a few minutes to edit your teacher profile.

Please print clearly:

Mr.   Mrs.   Miss   Ms.   Dr.   Fr.   Sr.   Br.   Rev.

First Name: _____________________________ (Required)

Middle Initial: ___________ (Optional)

Last Name: ______________________________ (Required)

E-Mail Address: ______________________________________ (Optional)

User ID: ___________________________________________ (Optional)

Note: if you don't select your own User ID, a User ID will be generated for you based on your first initial, middle initial, and last name (if available.) For example... John A. Smith --- User ID: jasmith

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