Gradekeeper Grade Upload Instructions for The Homework Site

  1. Login with your Homework Site teacher account, and create your profile, which will consist of the classes/subjects you teach. Do this by going to "User Profile" and then "Add Class/Subject."

    You must have one class or subject corresponding to each of your classes in Gradekeeper, although the names do not have to match.

  2. Once your profile is created, click on the "Grades" Tab.

  3. Take note of the Class ID for the class you wish to upload grades for.

  4. Next, open Gradekeeper and load the class you wish you to upload.

  5. In Gradekeeper, if you do not see the "ID" column in your Gradebook Report, go to the "Gradebook" Menu and double check that "Show Name and ID" is checked.

  6. Next, make sure that each student in your class is assigned a unique student ID.

  7. You are now ready to upload the class. Go to File->Export to The Homework Site

  8. Then enter in the class ID you took note of in Step 1 along with your THS username and password. Click "OK"

  9. You should now see a dialog box popup telling you of the successful upload. If you see an error message, verify that you have entered in your Class ID, THS Username, and THS Password correctly. Also, verify that you have an internet connection.

  10. Return to your Homework Site Grades Page, and you will see the class you uploaded now displays grades. Click "View" to view grades for your class, and "Show" to display a printable copy of Student Authentication codes which are needed by your students to access their grades.

  11. If you would like to view assignment grades for individual students, then after clicking the "View" link shown in step 10, click on the Term Grade of the Term you would like to view.

  12. Below is what the assignment view for individual students should look like:

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