Our Mission

The Homework Site exists in the spirit of enhancing communications among K-12 teachers, students, and parents by providing a premier ad-free on-line homework service, unsurpassed in its ease of use and sophistication. The ultimate goal is to increase parental involvement in our children's education and thus pave the way for better student performance.

We also help K-12 schools improve intra-school communications, particularly as it relates to homework and lesson plans. Teachers can post their homework and lesson plans on-line quickly and easily. With a click of the mouse, administrators can view their teacher's homework and lesson plans (both present and past) anytime and anywhere.

Our intent is not to take over a school's website, but to provide complementary services (on-line homework, on-line lesson plans, specialty school calendars -- like activity, sports, test, lunch, personal) that perform extremely well. Since our program typically works as a link on the school's website and incorporates the school's name and logo, it has the look and feel of a service developed by the school for its community.

Another big advantage to working with us is our approach to customer support. We promptly respond to your questions, suggestions, etc. Given time, we promise to introduce any enhancements to the program that will benefit all of our schools!

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