Lesson Plans Online -- Key Benefits

  • School administrators love viewing lesson plans on-line at home, school, etc.

  • If a parent expresses concern about a class' curriculum, the school administrator or teacher can share with the parent (in a face-to-face meeting) the lesson plans.

  • Since the lesson plans are archived, think of the potential paper savings.

  • Teachers love the fact that their lesson plans are organized monthly for easy review.

  • Teachers become more comfortable with the Internet.

  • Our custom on-line program easily integrates into your school's website.

  • No software needs to be installed at home or school -- 100% web-based.

Key Features

  • Teacher profile -- regardless of Internet experience, all teachers quickly post daily lesson plans for all of their classes on one, easy-to-use form, typically in less than 7 minutes.

  • Monthly calendar view -- administrators can view a teacher's monthly lesson plans with one click of the mouse; teachers click "add" on the particular day of the month for which they would like to post a lesson plan.

  • Teachers can "edit" their plans 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere.

  • If a hard copy is required, a teacher can print out the lesson plan.

  • Custom look -- your school name and logo on all pages -- No banner ads.

  • Within the lesson plans, teachers can easily upload/attach their own documents and create links to references on the web.


  • Our prices are most reasonable

  • Please contact us for details based on the number of participating teachers

  • Optional features:

    • Specialty Calendars
      • School Activity
      • Sports
      • Lunch
      • Personal
      • Test
    • The Homework Site's On-Line Homework Program